Tired of the same and mundane? Spice it up a little, with a modern day SUV. Equipped with towing abilities, superior handling, multiple seating and cargo space, nothing beats the benefits of owning an SUV.

Why Buy an SUV

When you think of an SUV you may be tempted to think of a vehicle crammed with small children as a parent zips in and out of lanes, frantically trying to make it to the next soccer game or social event.

While an SUV does make a great vehicle for people with large families, its benefits do not stop there! When equipped correctly, SUVs make awesome rides for off-road driving and for treacherous weather. Just look for one with four wheel drive and other handling options for tough terrain. Looking to tow something large and heavy? Move over truck! There's a new boss in town. Yes, SUVs have that covered too, as they often come outfitted with towing options to make your next big haul that much easier.

Sound like an SUV could be your next big purchase? Stop by Stillwater Motor Company for a test drive, today!


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