If you've never heard of an infotainment system, we can almost guarantee you'll love it. At Stillwater Motor Company, we care about supplying you with the best features modern day vehicles have to offer. That is why we find it important to list some of the major qualities of owning a vehicle with an infotainment system, for your riding pleasure.

What Is an Infotainment System?

An infotainment system can be described as an all-encompassing interactive electronic hub containing everything you need on the road including maps, navigation, audio, phone and more. It's like a digital computer on your dash that requires no mouse, just a simple click of a button.

What's more is that digital infotainment systems lend themselves to a more enjoyable riding experience, as you have things like maps and music at your fingertips. They also often include specs concerning your vehicle such as tire pressure, fuel, digital speed odometers and more.

All in all, an infotainment system might be just the feature you need for your next vehicle purchase. Stop by and check out how one works, today!


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